Case Study II

Plant Size :

200 KWp

Key Components :

SMA STP25000, Canadian Solar CS3W415, Galvanised Steel Structures (Tata Steel)

Client :

M/s Thomson Tiles Pvt. Ltd., Analoor, Chalakudy , Thrissur District 680 731


01 Dec 2020


M/s Thomson Tiles make conventional roof tiles. They have been in business for more than 100 years. Though their finished products belong to the ‘Old School’, the outlook of the management is definitely forward looking. They have invested heavily in modern technology and energy saving processes. This is the reason why they decided to install a PV system at their premise. When the decision was made to install a PV system, they did not look any further. They chose us to be their installer as we are the No.1 solar EPC in this part of the country.

The installation of panels was on asbestos sheets on the roof. We have specialized fixtures for the installation of solar panels on asbestos roof. Today, the whole factory is running in solar power. Though the tile is red, the power is green!    

Definitely, they are one happy customer among our endless list of delighted customers.